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PPOBOX Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is PPO?

PPO is your PERSONAL POST OFFICE BOX. It is useful to you if you have the facility to purchase goods online on a U.S or U.K. website and just need a local U.S or U.K. address for your seller to ship the goods. We provide you shipping addresses absolutely free. This is basically a mail and package forwarding service. When we receive you package in your mailbox we will it forward it to your address in India at our discounted shipping rates ? inclusive of shipping, duties and fees. We also help in export e commerce shipments from India to USA and rest of world. You can also have warehousing facility in our US hub.

Q: How long will it take to get my item?

Most items are delivered to our U.S. hub within 3-5 days. It takes an additional 5-7 days thereafter to reach you. The transit time depends mostly on the seller. Reputed sites like,,, etc generally ship the items on the same day. Other sites which are not as well-known may take a little longer.

Q: What courier do you use to ship my products?

Our international shipping between U.S. and India is handled by ICC Worldwide or Fedex and domestic shipping within India is through ICC World Wide or Blue Dart. We have a strategic partnership with BlueDart for all of our destinations that are out of the delivery zone of ICC Worldwide.

Q: What is the insurance and delivery policy?

All service delivery timelines mentioned on the site are estimated based on expected and previous history. PPOBox may not be liable for any delays caused by natural causes, climate changes, airline schedules, insufficient or inaccurate delivery information, customs clearance delays etc. We will always strive to provide the most expedited service to all customers.

PPOBOX gives you no liability for any uninsured package. Additional insurance may be purchased at the time of entering the shipment information at the rate of 1.5% on item value. Any shipment containing liiquid, glass no insurance is covered.

We give maximum coverage upto $500 only per shipment.

PLEASE NOTE, at the time of delivery you must verify the contents of your shipment and raise any claim of damage at the time of delivery. Any claim raised after accepting the package will NOT be covered by insurance. Also, as long as your contents are intact you must accept your package at delivery; you may not refuse delivery for any package that is delivered to you in intact condition. All insurance claims will be cross referenced against the actual item invoice for proof of value.

Once you have opted in for insurance, you are liable to pay the insured amount prior to delivery. Insurance claims may be fulfilled only after a thorough investigation.

Q: Is the payment gateway secure?

Yes, our payment gateway is secure. We use EBS processing, one of the largest credit card processors in India. We do not see or store any of your credit card / bank information.

You can also do Bank transfer ( EFT ) or cash deposit. Also please note if payment done by EFT or deposit you need to mail us the payment screenshot.

Q: How can I know if website I am shopping from will charge me sales tax?

If the site is part of a department store chain like,,,, etc. you can be sure you will be charged sales tax. Also if the seller is located in New JERSEY they will charge sales tax. Most sites will mention their sales tax policy. Simply put, if the company charges sales tax in New JERSEY, you will be charged U.S. local sales tax on your order.

Q: What if the item is not what I wanted?

In the event of a refund you need to contact the person you purchased it from and arrange for a refund. We can facilitate in shipping the parcel back, however you will have to pay for all reverse shipping charges and duty charges cannot be refunded.

Q: Can I purchase something as a duty-free gift? How is duty calculated?

No. Import duty is calculated on the basis of assessable value of goods imported.

Q: Can I ship ANY item through PPOBOX?

No. You must check the banned item list on the website before you ship with us. You can not ship any Used or Refurbished Phones. We will not ship any item that is on the banned item list. These items include, liquids, chemicals, weapons, flammable materials, all battery etc?. PPOBOX single shipment should include not more than 5 pieces of any article. as this will be considered as "commercial" goods and additional fees will be applied, and shipments may be held in customs.

Q: What are the shipping costs for using PPOBOX

You can estimate the rates using the PPO BOX calculator on our site. The weight of the item will be charged in VOLUMETRIC dimensions or ACTUAL whichever is higher. This means if your package is unusually large, there will be additional fees to the flat rate.

Q: When do I pay for shipping charges?

When we receive your package in our local hub, we will send you invoice after shipment is received and processed by email for payment. As you receive invoice you need to do the payment. Once your payment is received and your shipment has arrived we will dispatch your package for local delivery within 24 hours. If payment is done by Cash Deposit or EFT then it may take one day for approval and then shipment will be shipped to consignee.

Q: When is shipment shipped to India?

A PPObox ships shipment usually within 24 hours from the time packet received in US hub? As soon as it is shipped to India client will get intimated by mail and they can also see updated status on site within 24 hours? If shipment shipped by USPS please note many times USPS site shows status delivered however????????????????????????  shipment is received after 1 or 2 days in US hub. They do not give hand delivery and either drop it in box or we need to go and collect it. Customer should contact us by mail if they have not received any update of shipment from us within 3 days of arrival in US hub.
If tracking not updated by customer shipment is on hold and is not shipped.

Enjoy shipping with!!! Shop & Ship with Confidence and Smile