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Shipping Electronics

Shipping of Electronic items through PPOBox

Due to strict customs regulations regarding the importation of electronics in India, all users wishing to import any electronics into India must abide by these rules, Electronic includes all mobiles, tablets, laptops, and digital devices:

  • Maximum of 2 electronics products may be imported per any single consignee per day.
  • Shipping of Used and Refurbished Phones are not allowed. We will ship only New Phone.
  • You can not ship below items as not allowed.
    • Lithium ion or lithium metal batteries in all forms
    • Any other batteries or power banks
  • The maximum value of all shipments going to any single consignee in our standard mode may not exceed $1500.
  • You must declare the correct value of your item as per market value in India and provide a full description.
  • In case you are importing a product bought on or other discount website, Customs may still charge duty on the new product value of that item. So provide proper seller invoice and payment proof while creating shipment.
  • The value taken of the product is up to Customs discretion.
  • PPOBox may inform you in advance if the value you have given is below norms.
  • In case you are importing a used or broken product you must state full product description.
  • You must declare truthful information, otherwise your good may be confiscated and service terminated. In this case PPOBox will have no liability for your goods.

Policy update regarding USED and REFURBISHED Mobiles

The shipment of used and refurbished phones is not permitted under courier mode. Hence we will not ship any such phones. New Mobiles are only permitted to ship to US? However used and refurbished are not allowed and will be held for return shipment.

Battery Items

These comes under Dangerous Goods so it will be shipped only once a week from USA please note.

Banned Items

Please remember to carefully review the banned items list. Shipping any banned item will result in the package being held and service discontinued.