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Why use PPO Box?

PPOBOX has been the trusted choice for over 100,000 customers in India. With tie-ups with the most experienced and established Courier Company in South Asia, we pride ourselves on providing the best customer service. It is our goal to create a seamless shipping experience for each of our customers so that everyone is able to shop and ship without borders. No other company in India can provide you with as much comfort, experience and benefits as that offered at PPOBOX.

Good news for all - PPObox also starting shipping service from USA to other countires very soon. Watch out!!!



PPOBox has been a shipping platform for thousands of users since it's start over 10 years ago., As experts in the field we know the importance of getting your shipments to you as fast as possible ? that's why we only offer express delivery. Our mission is to make shopping from abroad easy for you and relieving you of common headaches when purchasing things from other countries.

Consumer Focused

Easy-to-use customer account management site. Dedicated account representatives. Live chat services to get immediate answers to questions. Variety of membership packages available to suite the business or occasional user.

Consumer Focused

Most Cost-effective

PPObox introduces LESS than 1lbs rate. Save over 75% on shipping compared to other shippers such as: FEDEX UPS USPS DHL Free customs documentation and expedited import handling. Door-to-door delivery. Fastest customs clearing times and package forwarding times

Most Cost-effective

Coming Soon?Personal shopping services
when you do not have time to shop or are unable to use your international credit card for purchases. Renowned A+ rated customer service representatives committed to providing you with exceptional service.