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Shopping Tips

Shopping Tips

Tips of Shopping from the U.S.

1) Use a Comparison Shopping Site
When you are shopping from the U.S. you can go directly to the website, some of which are listed in the "Shopping Sites" section of this site. Or you can start at a comparison search site like Shopping (not,, or Through these sites you can search for the products you want and they will provide you the various sites the product is available and the cost.

2) Search for online coupons and promo codes for additional discounts
It is alwasy a good idea to do a quick search for various promos going on on the site you are shopping. To do this go to (not and search "your site name" promos. Alternatively, you can search the website as they have the latest promos for most stores.

3) Avoid New York Sales tax
Try to find sites that will not charge you New York sales tax. Most major stores will charge sales tax in any state. However, if you require an alternate address, such as a New Jersey address to ship your goods, please contact us and we will try to assist you.