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Banned Items

These items are prohibited from shipping through PPOBox

Certain items are banned or restricted for carriage on our services because of the restrictions imposed by the Bureau Civil Aviation Security (BCAS) and/or the Regulatory Requirements of the State. Listed below are the various categories of Banned and Restricted Commodities.

Banned Commodities - All Services

The following commodities are banned on ALL services:

Used and Refurbished items like Mobiles or Computers or other are strictly banned for import. Such items may be held by customs and you may not receive it. We will not take any liabilities for such item. You need to clear them your own. You can ship only New product.

  • Currency
  • Import of mobile handsets without IMEI number or with all zeros IMEI and CDMA mobile phones without electronic serial number (ESN)/Mobile equipment Identifier (MEID) or with all zeros as ESN/MEID.
  • ALL Liquids & Semi-liquids, containing chemical agents, like polishes, cleaners, paints, etc.
  • Sex determination kits
  • Reptiles skin
  • Vintage products, replicas of antiques or weapons
  • Any goods in trade quantity brought as part of passenger's baggage for commercial purpose, for profit or gain.
  • Refurbished / Used electronics like Mobiles, Servers, Laptops
  • Drones
  • Quadcopters
  • Satellite Phones
  • Any liquid, semi-liquid contained in an aerosol can
  • Indian Postal Articles
  • Single item weighing over 70 kg. is not permitted as courier
  • Philately Items
  • Pornography
  • Bullion
  • Drugs and Narcotics (Illegal)
  • Firearms, parts thereof and ammunition
  • Precious; Semi-Precious Items
  • Radioactive Material
  • All kinds of Battery

Commodities banned by Law at any given time without prior notice

All IATA Restricted Items and Dangerous goods Please Contact for further details.

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