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Shipping of Products for Resale thru PPOBox is a service used to ship products for person's personal consumption. You may use it if you are shipping goods to yourself or relatives. You may also use the service if you are shipping goods from abroad directly to your customers, in which case the customer is the importer of the product. It is for this reason users are limited to shipping only 1-2 electronics per day and a maximum of 5 items in one package.

 You can not import in bulk as it is courier mode.

You may NOT use our standard PPOBox service if you are a reseller importing products in bulk quantities for resale, as this requires separate CLEARANCE MODE. In the event you try to do so your items will be held in our warehouse and will not be shipped and will be disposed of, or they will be held in customs and we will have no obligation to provide you with further service.

If you are a reseller and intend to import products for re-sale using you it is mandatory that you have an Import / Export code for your company Once you have your Import / Export code, we can assist you in shipping and clearing your products through an appointed CHA.?  Please note, however, the fees for clearance through this mode are not the same as our standard mode. Please Contact for further details

here's some of the people we've helped

nice shaping
shiv pratap
PPO box has provided me excellent service in shipping items from the US.
PPO box has provided me excellent service in shipping items from the UK and US. The support I have received from the customer service team has been excellent throughout. Highly recommended! Keep up the great work guys!
Abraham Kurian

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